Active shooter situations are unpredictable and escalate quickly. Do you and your team know what to do in this instance?


Do you know how your building management and security team would respond to an armed intruder? There are several actions that can be taken that will reduce the risk to your tenants, staff and facility.
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Does your facility or corporate campus have an active shooter response plan?

Workplace violence and active shooter incidents are occurring with greater frequency. Does your facility have an emergency response plan:

  • To let everyone in the building know of the imminent threat as rapidly as possible

  • To limit the suspects access to as many potential victims as possible

  • To give the responding law enforcement the information and equipment they need to locate the suspect

  • To effectively manage the systems that ensure all key tasks have been delegated and completed

  • To practice the response plan in a safe, but realistic setting. This is essential to give your team the confidence they need to respond in a high stress environment.

Conducting a table top exercise is not enough!

Does your business have a workplace violence prevention and response plan?

Workplace violence incidents are occurring frequently. Does your company have:

  • A security plan to limit access to restricted area

  • A comprehensive workplace violence policy that can help prevent incidents through reporting of red flag behaviors

  • A response plan that gives employees specific options.

Watching a generic video is not enough!


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