Fortress Consulting’s customized training program prepares your staff to be ready for the unexpected with a sense of confidence, authority and clarity.


// Physical site assessment and recommendations that will make your workplace a harder target for unwanted visitors and help keep your employees safe.

// Expert policy review that will take your current policies and help you craft a comprehensive workplace violence prevention policy. A policy that will aid in the early identification of troubling behaviors. this will help you get in front of the incident and take mitigating actions.

// Identification of best employee response actions and recommendations that will improve the viability of those options.

// Classroom and online training options. The training will comprehensively cover both your workplace violence policy and site specific response options.

// The classroom and online training presentations are engaging, well organized, informative and most importantly, empowering.

// Walking speed training exercises that will allow your staff to practice their response options in a safe environment.

// All trainers are senior level subject matter experts with critical experience in public safety, law enforcement and workplace violence incidents.

// On-going partnership to keep you up-to-date and prepared.



Do you have a workplace violence/active shooter prevention and response plan in place for your business?

// Do you have a specific workplace violence prevention policy in place?

// Over 40% of workplace violence is domestic in nature. Have you conducted a security audit that keeps unwanted people out of your workspace and protects your employees?

// Do your employees know their specific response options if they are ever faced with a serious workplace violence incident or active shooter in your office?


Is your team prepared to enact your plan?

// Train your employees on your workplace violence prevention policy. Early identification and reporting of red flag behaviors can help prevent violence.

// Give your employees the tools needed to take immediate action by conducting a walking speed response exercise.


Watching a generic response video is not enough!

// Give your employees the tools they need to prevent and rapidly respond to workplace violence.