Preparation for unexpected circumstances takes more than a training video and tabletop exercises. We provide a comprehensive training program including classroom training sessions, a full facility assessment and customized training scenarios tailored to your workplace ensuring all tenants and staff know how to act to minimize harm.

Plan. Act. Live.

Our basic philosophy was developed over 20 years by veterans of both fire and police departments. Our two-phase training program teaches that education, awareness and prevention are the best ways to avoid workplace conflicts that can turn violent.

A psychology of sustainability.

When the unexpected becomes a reality, living is winning. Training with Fortress empowers employers by offering the steps necessary to minimize bodily harm in unexpected workplace events. Like running fire drills to prepare for evacuation, Fortress provides customized scenarios that build the confidence necessary to live through unexpected workplace violence. Remember, in chaos, your staff will rise to the level of their training. Be sure to train them well.